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Mobile App

An ever larger number of users are using mobile devices to access the web and social sites in order to keep constantly updated or make bookings or purchases. Diamantea developsMobile Applications compatible with all the major mobile operating systems (such as iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry RIM) and browsers (Google Chrome, MS Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera).

Key Features:
  • speed
  • usability
  • multi device e multi O.S.

Diamantea Mobile App allows customers to book flights and check in quickly and easily. Its specific technology makes it available on all the major types of devices. Diamantea Mobile App can interface with any CRM used by the Airline via XML web service.

Diamantea Mobile App is equipped with a sophisticated display campaign tracking system, social login, social feed and social invitation features.

Key Features



  • flight type selection (one-way or round-trip)
  • destination selection
  • departure date selection and return date selection (optional)
  • selection of number and type of passengers (adult, child, infant 0-23 months, animal)
  • passenger data
  • flight data and selection
  • ticket purchase
  • purchase of ancillary services
  • billing
  • payment by credit card
  • acceptance of contractual conditions
  • booking changes


  • passenger recognition
  • available seat display
  • seat assignment
  • boarding pass and QR code issuing

Case history

Diamantea, a step ahead.