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Pricing Suite

Pricing Suite increases your sales and your profits by optimizing the prices of your e-commerce, based on the offer of your online competitors.

  • sales and yield increment
  • customer satisfaction
  • peronnel optimization

Competition in e-commerce is becoming fiercer and price is increasingly becoming the key-faactor behind users' purchases. To increase the number of sales and maximize the price, it is necessary to pay close attention to the offer positioning, operating dinamically and in real time. Pricing Suite is a powerfull and advanced competition-based pricing platform: it can collect and analyze your competitors' prices, in real time, reliably, quickly and safely. Pricing Suite has been designed to be flexible, letting you decide, at the time of collection, how to change your offer, depending on your pricing policies and business strategies: no "more or less up to date" database, but only effective data and real decision power in your hands.

Pricing Suite

Who for?

booking website:

  • airlines;
  • hotels;
  • shipping companies;
  • rentals;
  • rail transport;
  • tour operator.


  • books, CDs and games;
  • health and wellness;
  • food;
  • informatics;
  • products;
  • services.

What for?

Thanks to Pricing Suite you can better manage your competitive pricing activities:

  • e-commerce competition;
  • opportunity scouting;
  • online prices and availability check;
  • marketing monitoring and parity check.

In particolare la piattaforma ha lo scopo di:

  • incrementare il fatturato e lo Yield tramite competition-based pricing;
  • incrementare la customer satisfaction ed il numero delle vendite tramite un miglior posizionamento;
  • ottimizzare il personale dedicato al pricing decrementando le operazioni manuali di analisi;
  • offrire aiuto decisionale per il marketing ed il pricing.
Diamantea, a step ahead.